Cloud adoption based on the established cloud architecture and design, is the next step to implementing your cloud strategy. The migration is completed by leveraging approved design artefacts and deploying the required technologies quickly and securely. 

At Tracer Cloud, we pride ourselves on our ability to implement your organisation’s cloud migration a lot quicker than you may think: Our highly-qualified experts have the necessary certifications and experience to ensure your cloud migration is executed successfully and in as little time as possible. Our agile approach means that you will realise value along the way providing stakeholders with clear outcomes.

We work with a multitude of cloud providers and remain unbiased to supplier, ensuring you achieve the best outcomes for your business: 

  • AWS

  • Microsoft Azure Office 365

  • Google Cloud

  • Oracle Cloud

  • Alibaba Cloud


Our services range across:


Cloud Migration

The architecture and migration services cover every aspect of the migration, including business process redesign, foundational cloud build, technology architecture, or custom application migration.

Architecture Deployment

We assist our clients in the deployment of new environment(s) based on endorsed architecture, whether it was on-premise to cloud, cloud to cloud, or cloud to on-premise.


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