The process of designing a cloud architecture involves a detailed review of your current state technology landscape and an understanding of how migrating to cloud computing will affect integration, network, security and application architecture.

With a guiding cloud strategy derived from your organisation’s foundational requirements , a high-level end to end solution architecture will be created detailing your future state cloud technology landscape.  With an endorsed high-level solution architecture, subsequent component based solution architecture and detailed designs with be produced providing the organisation with a suitable cloud-based solution to achieve the results it is working towards.

Tracer Cloud will produce a pragmatic, common-sense architecture that will set your organisation up for success with little business interruption.  


Our services range across:


Process Redesign

When adopting cloud technology, our customers often require technology and business process optimisation to gain the most from their investment.


Security Architecture

Security is a big strength for Tracer Cloud. Our team is qualified and experienced in assisting our customers with security compliance and set up of optimum security tools and processes.


Custom Apps Improvement

Our customers often have several foundation applications that are not suitable for a move to the cloud. We help redesign applications to ensure our customers gain value out of their cloud move.

Network Modernisation

Networks are at the core of a companies’ infrastructure and yet are often not optimised. We help our customers set up efficient and secure cloud ready networks.


Big Data and Analytics

Our team helps customers with data management, data optimisation, predictive analytics, and machine learning projects.



We help our customers embark on a culture transformation and a paradigm shift in mindset for collaboration between developers and operations to be able to break down barriers by working as one team, providing end-to-end support to the business and IT agility. 


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